Wednesday, 25 July 2012

NEW Freetyle

Last night was a time of finishing half done projects and totally excited to share this one. I went to Brisbane Expo in June this year and took a class by Louise Nelson - its worth taking a look!
The title of the class was 'Getting your Freestyle on'  ----  Well thats just what we did !
We got to use all sorts of media - gesso, watercolour paints, wire, staples, heat gun and the list goes on... I loved the freedom it gave and anything goes!!!! My first post in blogger land was one of the items i completed in Brisbane yet i had one more to go.... here it is:

My Miss A

Happy creating XOXOX Maryleen

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  1. LOVE your layout Maryleen :) I wish I had the courage to give what you have done a go...maybe at our next scrap night you could teach me :)