Monday, 23 July 2012

Its been awhile....

Mornings ALL

Well its been awhile due to some very secret planning for my sisters 40th Surprise Birthday party which went without a hitch! ( thanks to many people who were involved) so due to this I have been working on an explosion box as her card which she now has, which i will be sharing in the coming weeks..... ( i have asked her to photograph it due to her learning more about photography so it will look fantastic i am sure)

BUT i wanted to share this page:
Pregnancy @ 39 weeks Miss Z - 2011

It has become one of my favourite at the moment - we got professional photos done of my pregnancy with Miss Z and love this picture and the quote is just perfect. I am really enjoying using rub-ons at the moment ! Have you used many lately?

i hope to share my explosion box with you soon - Happy creating though XOXOX Maryleen

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