Wednesday, 29 August 2012

sketche challenge

Well i have been very busy...
I was sent a link by my beautiful friend Beck to give a sketch challenge at a go !
Lets just say it was challenging for me. i chose to do a boy lay out (my husband and his brother) and used the 'flag' shapes that are in at the moment. This is what i came up with....

As you can see i am still struggling with taking pictures of my work. So any tips and ideas bring it on...Weird the close ups came out better...

XOXOX Maryleen


  1. Well done Maryleen, your little banner pieces look fabulous! Great colour use for male page too. Thanks for playing along with us at Scrap Therapy!

  2. This looks great Maryleen. Thanks for playing along

    Tips for photographing layouts - use some bluetack and stick the photo to a window outside where there is plently of natural light at head height - this keeps the layout nice and flat while photographing, no need for flash so you should not get any harsh reflections happening - good luck :)

  3. Great take on the sketch. I have been taking pic of my pages for ages and am still having issues with getting good pics.