Monday, 18 June 2012

Welcome to my newest adventure

This is a steep learning curve for me but I am pleased to be here.

I want to use this blog to capture some of my creative moments and share them with you.

This is what I learnt while up in Brisbane at the Scarpbook and Papercraft Expo with my friend Rebecca Beatie. It was fantastic to try something new !!!

Beck has a great blog full of inspirational ideas called: Just Me being Me.

Thank you for visiting my first page



  1. Well hello there. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging your way through life. Looking forward to all your creative ideas.

  2. Congrats and welcome to the blogging world! Enjoy sharing as I know we will all enjoy looking, watching and learning from your posts.

  3. Stopping by to wish you luck with your new blog. I saw the news on Beck's blog which I follows "just me being me". Looking forward to have a peak at your paper creations :)

  4. Maryleen,

    Welcome! Congrats on your first blog post. I found out about it from Beck's. I will continue to follow your creative endeavors.

  5. Welcome to bloggy land :)

    Love the wall paper and colours. I am looking forward to seeing your creations.